Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico Race Recap

To keep things fast and simple here is a brief race recap of my Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico.

First of all the race was a in all aspects a different race than I ever done before. The atmosphere of the race was amazing and super fun! The people were all line up for the run and made it seem like it was a quick suffer fest. HOT and WINDY for sure! Even though the times I put up were way off my margin I enjoyed the crap out of that race and would love to do it again (Minus the winds).

So the swim. I was the 7th wave only 25 minutes behind the Pro men, not your typical hour to hour and half. Large group for the that wave including 29 and under as well as 50+, so it was a variety of people. The first couple hundred meters was a mosh pit with some of the better swimmers in the wave. After the 4th buoy, only 4 of us lead the group in a tight 2 by 2 formation steering through some of the crowds we already caught. By the first turn we all started going our separate ways due to all the traffic we started facing. When the second turn came I could only spot one guy and the chase begins! Hot on his heels I manage to keep him within the same distance the entire way into the swim finish. Only dragging a couple of seconds I was able to reel him in right about the transition area after running 500 meters to it.

The Swim

The bike course in it self was challenging at first because of the immediate head wind and bumpy roads out old San Juan. The wind felt it was coming all directions with no real consistency of where it actually was coming in from (Thats that island feel for you). At mile 10, a bug gust nudged me to the left, right about the same time I was passing a deep hole and knocked all my nutrition but my hydration out. Already my game plan was changed šŸ™ I managed pretty well with out it and having my water bottles with a little more than right amount of calories really helped out for the bike to prevent bonking and cramps. The bike course had beautiful scenery and overall a super fast course but like a switch sometime in the middle of it the wind made the challenge all so painful for the rest of the ride.

The Bike


The run was a two lap course through old San Juan with amazing sight seeing opportunities but do to the headwind and heat going out and high heat and hills coming back the sceneries were not enjoyed as much as they should have. It was one of the hardest race courses I ever had the privilege to race and the elements were one of the main reasons it was so difficult. Again I would love to redo this race just on the atmosphere racing there brought. Literally every half mile there was a party tent with music and a DJ with tons of spectators just dancing and cheering you on. It was as fun as Augusta 70.3 run course except with a latin vibe.

The Run


I did ok, for the first tri of the season I suppose and I wish I was better prepared but that only teaches me to make sure I train better for the future endeavors. I also got a little insight of where I need to improve as well as where I am at the moment. Back to the drawing board for sure but with a little more tools in the tool shed. I did a quick live race recap right after the race so make sure you check it out below…

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