Race Schedule!


My schedule this year is super exciting and all over (Kind of). But I am super excited to see more of the triathlon world and what it has to offer. If anyone is at any of these races please let me know! Making new friends is a side hobby of mine besides playing videos games.

For these races I will be representing some awesome sponsors that took a little bit of their time to say “Hey man, we kind of believe in you. Go for it!” That representing starts with my home town team Go Tri Sports who in fact is the leading multi sport  company in the LOW COUNTRY (That is Bluffton SC for you) with more than 15 years of helping people like me out and taking care of them. Also I will be representing my two favorite people/trainers/and friends Armin Wahl of Lowcountry Multi-sports and Kevin Purvis of KP Training Systems. The amount of knowledge of the sport they are providing me is super awesomely overwhelming but also as I slowly grasp it USEFUL! Also my home town gym Which is the #1 gym to be in Benchmark Fitness has provided me the strength to confidently tackle this season on. For this year I did something new and not #Pathetic at all and joined up with a Facebook group called Pathetic Triathlete Group who are all a bunch of people far from pathetic talking about their every day life struggles with the sport and making sure that we always see the positive side of things. I was added to the group a while ago (not sure when) but recently they formed a tri team and I joined because this was the one group where you’re perfect for not being perfect in this sport. They really do help me make the giant boulder on my shoulder of trying to make it pro a little lighter 🙂


Ironman Puerto Rico 70.3

March 20th

St. Anthony’s Olympic

April 22

Ironman Chattanooga 70.3

May 22

Ironman Raleigh 70.3

June 5

Ironman Miami 70.3


Ironman North Carolina 70.3

For the Last two it depends if I need a race for professionalism or not. I am hoping for costs that I won’t need one and North Carolina is the place to be this year but if I do then I will be at the sunny, hot, humid, windy Miami FL.

I will also be doing a couple “Local” or smaller scale triathlon races through out GA, SC, FL, and NC. The one thing I believe is that I train to race! So if I can race all the time I will.

Besides that I will also be racing the 2016 U.S Masters Swimming Nationals in Greensboro NC  April 28th to May 1st. I am going to take the title of the 1650 yard freestyle 🙂 and any others that I can race for.  Another swim race will be the Mighty Mac Swim Race in Michigan to help raise money for Habitat for Humanity Michigan. I have started a go fund me account for donations and to try and get up to $5,000 before race day. Check that out here!


I am looking forward in my 2016 season and also meeting new people and experiencing new places!


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