Season Opener

This marks the week of the 2106 season. Nervous, excited, scared, happy, antsy are just the start of my emotions. Coming of winter training all I can think about is – was it really enough? or did I even do it right? I left 2015 on a positive note but with not enough to really be satisfied.

I became an All World Athlete Age Group 25-29 (Being only 24) – 19th Overall in the  world, 4th Overall in the USA, 1st Overall in Venezuela, and I was able to also be named All American.

                                           All World Certificate

I ran into a bit of trouble later in the season in which my young inexperience self found out the hard way of what “Over Training” is and how painful IT Band Syndrome is for an athlete. In my head all I can really say is that I taught myself a valuable lesson in this very mentally and physically demanding sport. Found out how important it is to stay discipline to your schedule INCLUDING rest time because thats just as much as important as those interval days you need in the pool to dial in your pace. (HELP IS ALWAYS WELCOMED!)

As I continue to grow in this always developing sport, I will have to adapt to new methodology and continue experimenting on my self to find what has the best success rate for me.

In light of starting a blog (all over again) I will try to keep in mind to stay short and to the point, as well as to know and be ok with committing all the mistakes, taboos, typos, spelling errors, that someone can make in a blog. Like triathlon – it takes time, A LOT OF TIME to perfect it 🙂





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