Current stand 

   It’s been about 2 month since after my last race and I  itching like crazy for my next one. Augusta is next on the list but that’s September 27th and still feels like years away! Training has been great and my adaptation to it has been surpringly great too. With the three races Florida, Raleigh, and Syracuse they have placed me in 4th place overall for the 25-29 year old age group. The points from Florida and Raleigh have elevated me pretty high with great performances and even though Syracuse was a painful learning experience, it too have fairly decent points. 

With Augusta 70.3 on my mind, having a strong race will surely put me 1st or 2nd keeping me in gold status as an Ironman 70.3 world athlete. In reality of things or in the perspective I see it, it is still a very low position in the world and still not enough to be worthy of being a pro. Unfortunately the route in becoming a pro triathlete is a little different than just placing well in your age group overall. I see it as I am racing the world that includes everyone young and old. 

My all American standing chances weekly and hasn’t been “updated” to this months recent races but I still stand as an All American triathlete which is also pretty nice thing under my belt. 

I have an Olympic and a sprint triathlon coming up in September to prep me for Augusta 70.3 and I am more than excited to finally compete. That’ll also help my All American ranking a bit. 

Other than all that, that’s my current standings and where I am at. Soon I’ll have my routine so you guys can see a glimpse of my hours and training sessions. Once again I want to thank everyone for the support through social medias, e-mails, calls, and everything thing keeping my head held high. 


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