2 Weeks Out!

I know, I know… I haven’t been diligent about posting these past two weeks but I have a good reason… When I come up with it I will let you know. Over these past two weeks, I’ve had one race and two weeks of consistent mileage with a few alterations in my training, so I cannot really complain about much. Let me catch you up on the last two weeks…

First! The HOME TOWN TRI! The Hilton Head Triathlon hosted by Go Tri Sports is always and forever one of my favorite races! The swim is in my backyard, the bike is fast and repetitive, and spectators can see you the majority of the race, and the run is always great because of the amount of support and cheering from spectators and athletes alike. I successfully defended my title for the 3rd year in a row and not only that but went a minute faster on the bike and run course! It’s exciting to see improvements!

Hilton Head Tri

Then! I was invited to speak at the Bluffton Middle School as their guest speaker to parents and their students. I was able to tell my story and motivate others to chase their dreams as I am doing myself. I was able to reach out to people and got new followers that keep track of me on all my social media sites which gives me huge motivation to continue my journey. I also became an honorary part of the Mustang Family in which I am incredibly greatful for! Also was able to hang out with the Lowcountry Rocks Lobstaaah Crew at the La Isla Magazine May Festival in Hilton Head Island.

Mustang Middle SchoolLa Isla Magazine May Fest

My training has been pretty great and I’ve been hitting consistently heavy miles, averaging 28 hours a week of movement. That’s 5 hours of swimming, 15 hours or cycling, and 8 hours of running. Not too shabby! My training sessions altered a bit and I am adding more workouts into them and able to keep up and recover just fine. That’s always been my big worry because I don’t want to “over do it” but then again I have to over do it and pay my dues to get to the level I need to be at. Other than that I am loving it more and more each day.


I am two weeks out and ready to race! I am super excited and ready to let it all out. I am actually more excited to taper up a bit and see my new found speed (as well as rest up a bit). I know I can’t let up because three weeks after Raleigh I am heading up to Syracuse to really let it loose on those mountains up there for Syracuse 70.3.

I am eager, I am excited, I am incredibly tired, and I am motivated to continue on through and really see how far I can go! Have to keep reminding my legs to shut up and go 🙂

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