Second build week and a race with it….


Averages for the past week have been pretty decent and steadily growing. I have been in good health, eating fine, and recovering efficiently after each training session. I’ve been steadily adding more distance into my swimming and biking as time progresses, but as for the run I continue to average the same amount, but I’m starting to add a little more speed work into it, making recovery even that much more critical.

The swim portion of my training has increased from 17,500 to 21,000 yards with all around the same time frame of training. That means a little faster intervals with a little less rest in between. I am doing more pace work and consistent swimming so I can maximize the distance I am swimming. The overall goal of this is to not just come out of the water at a faster time but to also come out still feeling fresh. Ultimately, the overall goal is to have a strong swim, come out with the best of them, and have a heart rate at right about 155 so on the first 5 miles of the bike I can effectively drop it and relax.

On the bike, I have been adding more distance to the legs but have been keeping a slightly higher average. Luckily, on the bike a slight overall increase in average with each ride has been possible with only adding slightly longer efforts on the training side of it. My legs are adapting to the distances and workouts pretty well but like everything it still takes it toll. A little more R & R when it comes to stretch sessions do its justice.

So far on the run I am keeping the averages the same but the speed of some training sessions has altered. I slowed down the longer run by at least 8-10% to compensate for the short fast stuff I am doing twice a week. The track is a cruel and unforgiving mistress. Special attention has to be done on my part to avoid any injuries through my recovery periods before and after on those days. Again, it’s all part of the process and without risk there will be no glory.

Check-out my mileage on my STRAVA or GARMIN – Follow me too!

As far as this week goes, it is also a race week. My favorite course to race is this one in particular. The Hilton Head Island Triathlon is a fast, aggressive, and tough race. The reason it is my favorite is because I can be let loose there and just go all out and enjoy the suffering it brings. This particular race is one of the first full triathlon races I have ever participated in and is where I also get to see local elites. Some of the best local triathletes in the area come to showcase their skills and I get to race them. For the past two years I have won this race but not without any effort. In both years, second place has always been hot on my heels with less than 20 seconds running out of road to catch me on. I don’t plan on letting that happen this year but I also have to be realistic in understanding I will still have a normal training week under my belt so I might not be all there. Again, that is no excuse for anything and even more of a reason to go with everything I’ve got because I have to prove to my self that I am progressing and getting better.

If you are locally close to Hilton Head South Carolina, go check out the race Saturday, Mar 2nd before you go watch the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight that night. See the best local athletes compete in one of the fastest races around. Race starts in Coligny Beach @ 7 am, that means the guns go off at 7 am and the race begins. Here is a LINK to see the details.

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