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FINALLY! After patiently waiting for an opportunity I finally got the chance to represent and become an Ambassador for one of the only ‘supplements’ I actually use! BASE products haven’t been around very long and are not yet promoted in most races but it’s a product with a very nice scientific trial and error history. BASE Performance founder, Pro Triathlete Chris Lieto is no stranger to racing and training with nutrition. He is simply one of the best in his sport and it’s because his nutrition is as down pact as his training regimen.

About Chris Lieto
Chris is a three-time Ironman Champion and former U.S. National Ironman Champion. Lieto recently placed 2nd at the 2009 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. To learn more about Chris please visit

The thing that caught my eye was their method of salt. Believe it or not, even with all the amount of calorie crunching, supplement taking, training/race readiness there is a high chance that you are still not taking enough sodium for your weight, water expenditure, calorie out take, etc… Doing the research on how much sodium I need for a given race with what pace I am trying to hold with the amount of energy expenditure I use up and nutrition I was taking in, I was always over 55% under my sodium needs. That meant that the chances of me bonking, cramping, and stomach getting weird increases meaning that my overall potential in a race was not at its full capacity.

Taking a pill form of anything takes time for it to dissolve in your stomach, get processed, then reach your blood stream going through your entire body. A normal salt pill taken at any given moment takes a solid 15-25 minutes to actually take its effect. Within that time so many things can happen in a race that can determine your overall outcome. With their salt method, you have the BASE salts in this little plastic tube and at every 5 miles on the bike, you lick your finger then place it on the top of the container, get some salt stuck on your finger, and put it in your mouth. Like a 10 second process! This lets the salt absorb through your tongue.

Here is a quick video to explain and demonstrate:

They have these containers now that are a little more convenient that the tic-tac box (smaller) but I use those during a race. The tic-tac boxes are perfect for training because they can be disposed of or if you accidentally drop it or lose it, you get the pleasure of just getting some more tic-tac (and for one calorie per tic-tac why not enjoy 8 of them at a time to get minty clean breath or that desirable fruity smell dripping out of every word you speak… JOKE! but still I like them).

If you are curious about salts and their effects on performance, here is a <LINK> that the amazing people from wrote up to simplify salt intake for you.

That simple method led me to look a little further into their products and I was hooked. They aren’t incredibly pricey, but you get the bang for your buck! They can be used not just for triathlons but many variations of sports. Again, they have many different spot-on products that I can vouch for.

BASE Performance products are essentially all incredibly useful! If you are interested in better performance in your training, racing, and day-to-day living take a look at them! I’ll put the link for your convenience and if anyone is interested LET ME KNOW!!! as I can extend a 10% OFF!! code to you so you can purchase it with a little more confidence.

I use BASE and the best of the best in the world use BASE so why shouldn’t you?


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